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IBM Centre of Excellence (IBM CoE) ia a centre within Universiti Malaysia Pahang that was establish on 10 June 2010 based on the University's strong relationship within IBM (M) Sdn. Bhd. We also have the honour of being the first on-campus IBM Centre of Excellence in Malaysia.

IBM CoE started off as an training provider for IBM related technologies such as System-z mainframes, Worklight, Rational Software and DB2. We continued to build on the training platform, bringing in major industrial players such as Motorola, Oracle and Basecamp VFX offering embedded system training as well graphics and multimedia training.

To diversity our portfolio, we also ventured into search and contract research with industries as well as government agencies. These research project vary in sizes and confidentiality status, and are often headed by various qualified consultants that are appointed for each project.

On top of that, we were given the honour by Ministry of Education to lead an initiative called Industrial Centre of Excellence (ICT Cluster) where we were given the task to coordinate university-industry relationship for all Higher Learning Industries in Malaysia in the field of information and communication technology.

To round our services, we also pride ourselves to be a complete solution provider where we provide services such as software system development, project management, network configuration and management as well as software testing. All in all, we are a one-stop information and communication technology centre of excellence with a strong backing from the university as well as a healthy relationship with a major players of the industries.